November 2, 2014

01-02 November 2014 + The Feast of All Saints - All Souls


          Happy patronal feast everyone! This is sort of an odd year for us as All Saints Parish. Normally, All Saints Day would be celebrated in the Church as a holy day of obligation. But because it falls on the weekend, All Saints Day is incorporated into the weekend Masses along with All Souls Day on Sunday. The readings and Mass prayers are different for each day. Next year All Saints Day will be on Sunday, therefore the entire weekend will be the Masses of All Saints.


          As we enter into the month of the Holy Souls please keep your deceased loved ones in your prayers each day. We will add the short prayer for the Holy Souls to the prayers after Mass throughout the month of November. One of the great responsibilities of our parish is the care of five cemeteries. This is not an easy task. Last year the hard winter and wet spring made it more difficult. Many of you bought cemetery plots years ago with a very nominal contribution for what is called "Perpetual Care." As you can imagine, the cost today for cemetery repair is quite different than years ago. We need to continually build up funds for each of our cemeteries in order to care for them properly. Next weekend there will be a Special Offering Envelope on the bulletin. This envelope is for a special collection for our individual cemeteries. I ask you to make a contribution in memory of the Holy Souls that rest in our respective cemeteries. Put your name on the envelope and it will be applied to your parish statement. On the next line, please write the name of the cemetery you wish the donation to go to - Cadott, Stanley, Boyd, Edson or Wilson. If you don't designate a cemetery, we will give your contribution to the cemetery that is most in need. Show your continued care for the resting place of our deceased loved ones.


          I had a great meeting with our high school students at Pizza with the Pastor last Wednesday. I want to thank them for their candor and honesty as we discussed issues they face in their lives. It gives me a good sense of what they will need in the future to make sense out of what they call a "crazy and complicated world." It also helps us plan for ways to help them grow in their faith and mature in their own Christian identity.



          Blessings and best wishes for a good week!  


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