January 25, 2015



25 January 2015 + Third Sunday in Ordinary Time


Catholic Schools Week


Thanks to all who came to the musical at McDonell High School to see "Peter Pan." I was so impressed with the acting on the part of the children in the show. As you could tell, "Peter Pan" is not an easy show to do given the number of cast members. The McDonell musical always kicks off Catholic Schools Week in our area. This is also the week that we celebrate the work and mission of our own parish school. I want to commend and thank Sara Giza who has done a marvelous job leading our school this year, along with our teachers and staff. Now with the early childhood program we are up to 38 children. This year, with a shared staff with Thorp Catholic School, we have been able to improve our programs and offerings.


It is important that you know how important you are in being able to keep a parish Catholic school operating through your financial sacrifices. I know some of you mourn the loss of the local Catholic schools in both Cadott and Stanley. That is quite understandable. The fact is that had we continued with the school in Cadott alone, it would not have been long before we would have had to close, not so much for financial reasons, but for the sheer lack of students. I continue to thank the public school districts of Cadott and Stanley-Boyd for their cooperation with busing students to Boyd. The public schools face financial challenges just as we do. The services we receive from them come from local, state, and federal taxes and programs which you contribute to through your taxes. But just as we depend upon the school districts’ cooperation, it is important that you also support them in their projects to better public school education in our local communities. We are not in competition, but remain an educational alternative with the ability to offer a faith-based program. Our students generally end up in the public schools to complete their education. Hopefully, we add to the quality of our public schools as well.


Blessings and best wishes for a great week!


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