June 28, 2015

28 June 2015 + Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time


It's good to be back! It was a wonderful experience being with the Missionaries of Charity again, but it was great to have that plane land safely again in Minneapolis. I want to thank Msgr. Hundt for filling in for me while I was away. I hope his presentation on the process of annulments in the Church was informative. Sorry it had to fall on Father's Day! You won't see me Saturday evening for Masses as I will be in La Crosse for the ordination of four young men to the priesthood for our diocese. Among them is Dan Thelan. Dan lived in Boyd for several years sort of in my backyard. He was a driver for Spee-Dee Delivery. I had the good fortune to know Dan and assist him with spiritual direction when I lived in Chippewa Falls. I was so delighted he entered the seminary and now will be joining our ranks in the Diocese of La Crosse.


My experience with the Missionaries of Charity was intense and tiring. They work you hard, not only giving conferences but having you lead them in prayer. I was fortunate to have some air conditioning in my room at night to sleep. The temps were usually in the 90's every day. I was surprised how cool it got throughout the night and the early morning, in the 40's and 50's. I stayed in the men's shelter they run, and walked my five blocks to the Sister's convent several times a day. Their work in Gallup is principally with the homeless, and lots of it.


On Monday this past week, I received a call from one of the Sisters in the afternoon saying that the Sister who followed Mother Theresa after her death, Sister Hirmala, died in India. I was blessed to be with them and to offer a special Mass in the afternoon for the repose of her soul. Sr. Hirmala began the contemplative branch of the Missionaries of Charity and was living in the community with her Sisters when she passed. The Sister told me to tell all of you that All Saints Parish is in their prayers and the intentions of all our parishioners in thanks for the time I was able to be with them. They said to pray to Blessed Mother Theresa for your important needs. They entrust their prayers to her intercession. Have a blessed week!


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