June 26, 2016


26 June 2016 + Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time




          Totus Tuus Week… I can't believe our summer bible and catechetical camp is here already. Where is the summer going??? I want to welcome this year's team to our parish. I know the kids are going to enjoy the program as they always do. If you still are interested in sending your kids contact Sara Rykal. Her contact information is on the bulletin or our parish website, www.allsaintscathcom.com. Or visit with the Totus Team after one of the Masses this weekend.


          "Father" Daniel Sedlacek's Mass of Thanksgiving is this Thursday Night… Many of you remember a couple of summers ago seminarian Daniel Sedlacek was with us for a pastoral summer. I have invited him to our parish to allow us to celebrate with him a Mass of Thanksgiving for his priesthood vocation. The Mass will be at 6:30 pm at St. Joseph Church in Boyd. I hope to see a good number of you to show your support for him. Following the Mass our parish food wagon will be in the parking lot and we will be serving food for all those who attend. You may give a free-will offering if you would like. There will also be a basket for cards if you wish to give Fr. Daniel one. This is also the night that Totus Tuus normally has a pot-luck meal for all the families. This will take its place. There will also be some games and activities for the youth prepared by the Totus Tuus team. Come and enjoy the night (and pray that it doesn't rain or storm!!).


          In Memory of Luke Wurzer… I appreciate the number of positive comments I received directly or indirectly regarding my homily at Luke Wurzer's funeral Mass. Someone left a note for me that said, "I pray the youth will truly take it to heart. Maybe you should give the CCD classes one like it. This is one subject no one talks about with youth." Twice a year I have a session with our teenage youth called "Pizza with the Pastor." The kids get a chance to ask whatever they want. The most requested topic every time we meet is about the devil or Satan, and the power of evil in our world. Young people today are surrounded by evil. They see it, feel it, think about it, and sometimes are overwhelmed by it. In the last session they wanted to know if I ever performed an exorcism, and how could they tell that people were being influenced and controlled by evil. This is their way of seeking God in today's world.


          While I assure them of the power of God over evil and Satan, and tell them that prayer and the sacraments are the means to do battle, the wages of the world still pull them away. I know that an approachable good relationship with them is so important. I constantly tell them that I am here as their spiritual Father, and that I am always here for them. I tell them that if they are ever in need of help they can call, text, or email me. They need to know more than anything that they don't have to deal with things on their own. At Luke's funeral I spoke briefly with several of our young people, gave them a hug, and told them if they ever need to talk I am here. We are working hard at trying to create an open and loving environment in our parish youth programs so that young people have a place where they can receive positive and loving reinforcement in a sometimes very cruel world. Continue to pray for Luke, for his family, and for every single young person in our parish family. We need to be agents of God's love for them.


          Blessings and best wishes,


 Fr. William P. Felix