July 24, 2016


24 July 2016 + Seventeenth Sunday in Ordinary Time




          There is not much new to report this week, except for the fact that it was just HOT! I don't do well in the humidity and have to make sure I am well hydrated. For some reason the hot weather in July coincides each year with our shows at the Heyde Center. The air conditioning is good there but where we hang out in the building it is not air conditioned, and on stage the lights seem to override the cool. Anyway…thanks for those of you who came to the show.


          Here are just a few updates on our capital improvement projects. I received the final rendering for the restoration of St. Joseph Church in Boyd. I will be putting it out on display near the main entrance next weekend so that you can take a look. As in all renderings, the colors are not absolutely complete until they actually start the painting and see how it looks on the walls and in the context of a lighted church. I am awaiting word from the diocese about a meeting with the building commission. We need this approval to sign contracts which involves the Bishop. Now that the Bishop is recovering from surgery this might take a bit longer than expected. We will see.


          Some of you may know that we made a successful sale of the Lawrence and Betty Sedlacek property recently. The money from the sale has been placed in the St. Rose of Lima Capital Improvement Fund for capital projects. We will be having a meeting in the near future to discuss more specific plans about the improvements we want to make and I hope that we have a good attendance from the original members of St. Rose of Lima Church and will come to a consensus on these plans.


          I want to thank the PCCW ladies of Holy Family Church circle for their donation recently of $7,000 to the capital improvement fund. This will again help to lower the loan on the roof and hopefully get us closer to the interior renovations we want to make there.


          Have a good week and hopefully it will be a more moderate one!


 Fr. William P. Felix