November 23, 2014



23 November 2014 + The Solemnity of Christ the King




          We come to the final weekend of the liturgical year, officially named Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe. For the sincere Christian, this feast proclaims that there is no power on earth, and no authority greater in my life than Jesus Christ the Lord! This is easier said than done. This feast causes us to examine the truth of our own life. Does the Lord reign in my life and in my family? Does his Kingdom take precedence over the kingdom of this world? The "holiday season" gives us an honest appraisal of whether or not we live as a true child of God. I encourage you, as we enter into the season of Advent and Christmas, to allow Jesus to help you rediscover this "childhood." One very important way is to prepare your heart and soul by seeking out the sacrament of reconciliation and confession. The priests of the Chippewa Falls Deanery have set a special week of reconciliation services and times for confessions throughout the deanery. The times and locations will be posted in the bulletin. The sacrament of reconciliation is the most beautiful and powerful way to restore the lost innocence of our spiritual childhood.


          In this vain, I have been reading a wonderful book about one of our most recent canonized saints, St. Jose Marie Escriva. He taught his spiritual children how important it was to grow in true love and trust of our Heavenly Father, and to never abandon our spiritual childhood, and to know Jesus as our loving Brother. He made a very important point. When children are secure in the love of their parents, the children are free of nearly all fear and anxiety. But if children are not secure and certain their parents love them, fear and anxiety reigns in the lives. Could this be why so many children and adults suffer from anxiety disorders? This is the wonderful truth of Advent and Christmas, that in the darkness and loneliness of the world, God has sent his Son to be our Savior, to be with us, and never to abandon us, unless we sadly abandon him.


          I want to wish our hunters good luck and safety as the season opens. Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday. Attending Mass that day would be a wonderful way of offering God thanks. The Mass is at St. Rose of Lima Church at 8:30am. I will be away all of next week. Hopefully I will finally shake my cold and flu. Fr. John Schultz will return for the weekend Masses. Please watch the bulletin carefully for the times of Word and Holy Communion Services. As always, you are invited to Cor Jesu in Edson for daily Mass. Have a great week and a blessed Thanksgiving with your families and friends.



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