March 1, 2015


01 March 2015 + Second Sunday of Lent


It was great to see a good number of parishioners at the Monday night Lenten program – Living the Drama of Faith. The topic of the program should be more interactive, and I thought giving it from the ambo was a bit more "preachy." This Monday I will address the group from the floor and entertain questions and comments. Those who come this week will receive a handout I prepared called "Paths of the Christian Spiritual Journey." I will use this outline throughout the rest of the program.


The content of what I am presenting is used by spiritual directors to guide individuals, but it can also be used in a group setting to help persons discover where they have been, where they are now, and where they need to go in their spiritual life and their relationship with God. One very important aspect of spiritual growth is being able to understand what "progress" is in the spiritual life. So often people get side-tracked because they do not know what progress in the spiritual life looks like. This program is suited for those who are especially searching in their life for a greater intimacy with God and a clearer understanding of the things that are happening in one’s interior life.


I have been asked to make a few comments on the introduction of "intinction" at Holy Communion. Some of the ministers of Holy Communion tell me that there is some confusion. If one chooses to receive by way of intinction, the minister of Holy Communion MUST be the one to take the host and dip it into the Precious Blood and administer the host on the tongue. The minister of Holy Communion is charged with safeguarding the Holy Eucharist. The only people who should drink from the small cup are those who cannot receive the host for health reasons, and this is usually rare. Otherwise, receiving the host alone in the hand still remains a proper option. Some are confused about when to say, "Amen." Nothing really changes there. The minister will say, "the Body of Christ," or the "Body and Blood of Christ," depending upon what you indicate you want to receive. If you would like to receive in the hand-your hands should be open and ready to receive as you approach the minister of Holy Communion. If you would like to receive on the tongue-your hands remain folded during the time of reception. Immediately you say "Amen," like always, and then receive Holy Communion. With any change it takes a bit of time to get things in order. For the most part it is going very well. Hope this helps!


Blessings and best wishes for a good week and a good Lent,


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