August 02, 2015

02 August 2015 + Eighteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Many in mourning…. As I prepare my notebook entries for this week four parishioners have passed. On Wednesday in Cadott I had the funeral for Charles "Chuck" Fischer, and on Friday I had the funeral for Lawrence Sedlacek, husband of Betty. On Saturday I have the funeral for Dean Maguire, 43 year old son of Dale and Maureen from Stanley who died suddenly from heart problems, and on Tuesday I have the funeral for Alfred Vlasnik, husband of Rose, in Boyd. Let us keep the four of them in prayer for the repose of their souls, and continued prayers for their families and friends.


A special meeting on our capital projects…. A few weeks ago I told you that I received official permission from Bishop Callahan to pursue the three proposed capital projects for each of our respective churches in Cadott, Stanley, and Boyd. On Tuesday, August 11 diocesan officials Christopher Carstens, Director of the Office of Sacred Worship, and Travis Simpson, Director of Buildings and Grounds will be here to make a personal review of these projects. Christopher will be looking at the projects in Stanley and Boyd as his responsibility is to ensure proper renovation of the interior of churches. Travis will focus his attention on the project in Cadott as his responsibility is to oversee maintenance and construction of buildings.


After they complete their work during the day, Christopher and Travis will remain for an open meeting for all our parishioners to give their recommendations and suggestions, and entertain questions and concerns from parishioners regarding each of the three projects. The meeting will take place at Holy Family Hall in Stanley beginning at 7:00 pm on Tuesday, August 11. It is especially important that parishioners who want to serve on any of the project committees be present at this meeting in order to understand the diocesan guidelines and procedures for renovation and construction of church properties. These committees will be formed in early September.


Reminder of Missions Appeal next weekend… This is just a reminder that a missionary priest will be with us next weekend for the annual missions appeal. Read the special information he provided in preparation for his homily in this week's bulletin. As always, please be a generous as you can for the good work of his missionary order.


Have a safe, healthy, and blessed week!


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