January 15, 2017

 The Pastor’s Journal…

 Fr. William P. Felix

 15 January 2017 + Second Sunday in Ordinary Time

A letter that is not difficult to write!!! Just after Christmas I received a letter from Mary Ann Wirsbinski that said the following: "My mother was an active member of St. Joseph Church. She was born and raised in Boyd. Her name is Claudia Ryba. She taught third and fourth grade for a few years at the school and also a CCD teacher for 35 years. Mom requested we send some money to the parish. We are enclosing $500.00… we understand the church is being refurbished. Happy New Year! P.S. Claudia had her 101st birthday on December 5th." What a wonderful surprise. It is so great to see how loved our parish communities are, especially by many of the elderly where so much of daily life revolved around the parish. Happy birthday Claudia!

I'm not done yet…. A few days later I received a certified letter from the Susan Huettner estate. Enclosed was a check for $25,000 for St. Joseph School. A few days later another certified letter came from the same estate with a $25,000 check for St. Rose of Lima Church! Susan Huettner was a long time parishioner of St. Rose of Lima and did so much in life for the parish. How grateful I am to Susan for remembering her church in death.

I'm still not done… Last Sunday, Randy Bowe representing St. Rose of Lima Charitable Corporation, presented me with a check from the fund for $19,354 to be placed in the St. Rose of Lima Capital Improvements Fund for the upcoming capital projects which will be discussed at this Sunday's meeting at 2:00pm in the church basement. What a Christmas this has been for us. I cannot tell you what a load this takes off me as we continue to work and build for the future.

We, pastors, are always concerned when Christmas and New Year's fall on a regular weekend because there is the fear people will only give to one or the other of the envelopes of Sunday or the Holy Day. So many of you made both contributions resulting in a wonderful couple of weeks of collections. This, too, was a big boost and I thank you so much for the support of our parish from the whole parish. How blessed and fortunate I am to have you!

You should be receiving your personal report of contributions for 2016 toward the end of January or early February. Should you need your report earlier please give the office a call and we can get that to you. Another Packer Sunday…Go Pack go!

Blessings and best wishes,