February 7, 2016


 Desk of the Deacon


How quickly time flies!  The season of Lent begins this week with Ash Wednesday. And Lent is a time of preparation and renewal.  You know, sometimes using analogies to compare things can get a little far-fetched, even goofy.  But I like analogies.  They help us understand the way things are.  And the Church is often compared to a family.  Just as a family celebrates its major events together —its birthdays, anniversaries and reunions— so too the Church celebrates its major events with special seasons and feasts.   The Church is always calling her children to pray, worship, and work together as a family.


The high point in the Church’s calendar year is the Solemnity of Easter, reminding us that it is Jesus’ Resurrection that gives us the hope of our own someday.  Lent, my friends, is a gift to help us prepare for and enter into the joy of the Easter celebration. And the Season of Lent is marked by a focus on prayer and penance, fasting and almsgiving.  Prayer and penance—to help us present ourselves to God.  Fasting—to empty ourselves so that God can fill us.  Almsgiving—to allow us to stand next to our brothers and sisters in need.   And Ash Wednesday has always been very popular among the faithful.  There’s something that resonates with us about having ashes placed on our foreheads.  Getting off to a fresh start by getting right to the bottom of it all.  Attacking our pride and approaching God in humility as did the ancients of old, donning sackcloth and ashes.


On February 11, Father will offer a Mass with anointing for the elderly and shut-ins.  This will be at Holy Family Hall for ease of access, and also that we might end with lunch and free bingo.  Father and I sincerely hope that many will be able to attend.  Please call the office if you need assistance getting there.   


This past week we celebrated Catholic Schools Week.  Having a school in our parish, with all of the life and vitality it offers, is indeed something to celebrate.  And our school exists through the support and generosity of you, our parishioners.   Remember—whether that support is financial or volunteer, or if you’re eating at a fish fry or pancake breakfast, it all helps.   


Finally, as I mentioned last week, during Lent we are considering offering a special program—the short version of the Jeff Cavins Journey through the Bible called “Unlocking the Mystery ofthe Bible”.  Some of you are familiar with this program and have even taken versions of this in the past, myself included.  The series has once again been updated.  We’d like to offer two session—one in the morning and one in the evening for those work during the day.  There will be some nominal cost. So that we can order participant materials we will have sign-up sheets in the back of each of the churches.


Deacon Ned