Family Life Committee

The Family Life Committee is to assist the parish pastoral council in fostering Christian family life in the parish. Among its concerns are: the central place of the family in all parish pastoral activities; parish hospitality and social activities; youth ministry; vocations to the priesthood and the consecrated life; pre-marriage preparation; marriage enrichment; natural family planning; and the pastoral care of single adult Catholics, divorced Catholics, divorced and remarried Catholics, and widows and widowers. (On Consultation in the Parish and Deanery, Diocese of La Crosse, Approved by Bishop John Paul, 1985).

The members of the Family Life Committee are:

Chairperson: Debbie Karlen
Members: Vacant Currently

The subcommittees under the Family Life Committee are:

Marriage Preparation and Enrichment Subcommittee Chairperson: Vacant Currently
Members: Lou Ann Willkom - (SRL)
Randy & Marilyn Bowe - (SRL)

Family Outreach Subcommittee
Chairperson: Vacant Currently
Members: Ginny Bowe - (SH-SJ)
Marilyn Bowe - (SRL)
Lou Ann Willkom - (SRL)
Barbara Peterson - (SRL)
Judy Nitz - (HF)
Debbie Karlen - (HF)

Youth and Young Adult Ministry Subcommittee
Youth Minister Sara Rykal - (SRL) - (715) 709-0069
Members: Judy Nitz - (HF)

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